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Retouch images

What does the term retouch mean?
The term comes from the French word "retouche", which means "to touch again" in German. The term is used in connection with image processing. What is meant here is to improve or edit the photos afterwards.

Digital image processing

In the meantime, digital image processing has become an integral part of photography. Especially retouching images is part of it.
There are various solutions for this, from apps to software to professional image editing services, which help you with the design options and possible post-processing. But how exactly does the digital editing of images actually work?


A photomontage is a method of cutting up photos, and putting together different sections of the image. The photomontage allows a subsequent artistic editing. The result is a changed overall picture. The origin of this method is in painting. Already earlier painters used collages to create their artworks and to change them. In 1916, the term photomontage appeared for the first time. Nowadays, a photomontage means the digital post-processing of photographs.